Project Description

The Braeger Automotive Group is a private company within the retail industry that owns and operates both new and used Chevrolet and Ford vehicle franchises throughout the Milwaukee area.

As Braeger began looking to replace two separate Cisco phone systems, they wanted to implement a solution that enabled them to:

  • Create and export detailed call reporting to assist management make more informed decisions
  • Improve and simplify the process for customers to reach the correct people and department(s)
  • Quickly and easily make internal configurations changes to the phone system as needed
  • Add dial tone capacity and redundancy while reducing monthly carrier costs
  • Allow personnel to become more mobile yet still stay connected to phone system
  • Cost effectively connect four different locations in a transparent way to customer and internal users, enable 4-digit dialing between sites, support proper E911 services, and be centrally managed from a single graphical user interface
  • Consolidate all in-bound and out-bound calls through a single site yet still support unique caller ID and numbers for each of the four individuals locations
  • Allow users to access the paging system at different sites to make appropriate announcements

In addition to implementing a Digium Switchvox phone system solution that met the desired requirements, DVI also completed a re-programming of Braeger’s data network equipment (routers, switches, and firewall). Work included the establishment of VLANs and QoS services to support proper data traffic segmentation for VoIP/SIP, internal wireless, guest wireless, and data.

DVI’s solution provided Braeger a 24-month return on its investment (ROI) which would have been reduced to 20-months had the replacement of the AT&T carrier services not carried a known early-termination fee.