Project Description

Ingeteam is a Spanish company that specializes in highly engineered electrical and electronic equipment and services. In 2010, it constructed a brand new $15 million facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to manufacture equipment for renewable energy projects.

Ingeteam put forth very rigid set of solution requirements that had to be met for DVI to be awarded the contract. Solution requirements included the:

  • Deployment of redundant firewalls and redundant multi-shelf core switches both programmed to support high availability mode (active/active)
  • Configuration of all network equipment with (16) VLANS with full user authentication and filtering between networks
  • Deployment of a controller-based enterprise-grade wireless network
  • Configuration within the network to support two independent wide areas networks for independent voice and video conferencing services and equipment
  • Installation of all main datacenter rack and cabinet equipment along with redundant uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Complete all work within 30-days of contract award

DVI was one of only two vendors on the entire project to deliver its solution within stated timelines. This was despite long delays in the delivery of fiber-based building internet services and high voltage building power.

To complete the configuration and onsite equipment testing by the deadline, DVI brought equipment up in phases so as to not exceed temporary power thresholds. For internet access, a temporary DSL line was delivered and rigged to bypass hop count restrictions that would be exceeded during testing.