Project Description

Morning Star Evangelical Lutheran Congregation exists to glorify our triune God as we train, strengthen and nurture each other through his inerrant Word so that we are enabled by his love to bring the light of the Gospel to all people.

Morning Star took the opportunity of a larger building construction project to replace their aging Avaya phone system. The primary features desired within their new phone system included the ability to:

  • Self-manage the system (to avoid future technician costs)
  • Allow the secretaries to have complete mobility yet still answer and transfer calls
  • Easily change and customize the answering and directing of after-hour calls
  • Allow staff and faculty to be reached on cell phones without the need to publish their cell phone number
  • Load customized messages into the phone system that would play while callers were on hold or upon caller request
  • Support Voicemail-to-Email functionality
  • Provide features in a very cost-effective and value-conscious way

DVI’s delivered solution met all customer requirements. In fact, the delivered solution was so easy to use, the school secretary began answering and transferring inbound calls from her iPhone shortly after the system installation was complete.

Due to the technical proficiency of the primary contact, DVI supplied the data network configuration requirements which the customer completed on their own to save money. DVI reviewed the network switch configurations prior to solution installation and turn up to confirm its accuracy.