Project Description

St. Lucas Lutheran School exists to assist parents in the preparation of students for Christian living here on earth and forever in eternity. With the proliferation of technology in our society, St. Lucas Lutheran believes it is imperative that our students and teachers are fluent in their ability to use technology in their daily lives.

In late 2010, St. Lucas began plans to implement a 1:1 Technology Program as part of a larger 21st Century Learning initiative. In early 2011 the school engaged DVI to assist with the program’s design and implementation. DVI’s role included:

  • Researching and presenting of several device options that would meet schools requirements
  • Assisting with program’s budget development
  • Putting together of all technical material and resource documentation
  • Co-sponsoring of several evening Q&A sessions for faculty and parents
  • Helping of parents to select the appropriate device from the options provided
  • Upgrading network infrastructure to support new devices and applications

For the 2014/2015 school year, St. Lucas upgraded their server infrastructure, added additional wireless networking capacity allowing all students in grades 3-8th now have their own mobile devices for use in the classroom via wireless, and upgraded their ability to protect their students from inappropriate content on the internet.   St. Lucas is now one of the leaders of classroom technology in their local community.

DVI and St. Lucas have already begun plans for the 2015/2016 school year.