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Educational environments offer unique challenges due to the diversity of interested parties in the organization. The desire to adopt new technologies must be weighed against budgetary realities and the expected life cycle of the technology asset(s). The interests and concerns of teachers, staff, and parents regarding the roles and use of the technology in the students’ learning experience, as well as the operations of the organization, also need to be considered. This can make developing a forward-looking, comprehensive strategy and technology plan a real challenge.

Does your technology plan:

  • Reduce IT expenses – by up to 20%
  • Generate new IT funds – potentially up to $1000 per student
  • Increase faculty and staff efficiency – through improved technology and applications
  • Confirm compliance – with state and federal safety and security recommendations
  • Grow parent engagement and participation – within the school, classroom, and at home
  • Develop deeper community engagement – by hosting and offering technology training programs and classes
  • Meet national certification requirements – by clearly defining your organization’s technology vision including: technology instruction, records management, FERPA compliance, hardware support, backup and disaster recovery, budget development, etc.
  • Leverage Apple, Google Apps for Education, and Microsoft – gaining the flexibility to use the best features of each within your organization

DVI’s technology planning services identify the strategic plans of the organization (both operational and educational), explore and present different technology strategies, generate business case documentation, develop budgets, and participate in Q&A sessions to collect input and build project support. DVI Consulting has helped many organizations develop meaningful and affordable strategic technology plans. More Information.

A solid network infrastructure is critical to providing the reliability, consistency, and speeds necessary to support whichever technology path is selected by the organization.

Does your current data network infrastructure:

  • Provide guest access – allow guests to access the internet to promote a more positive onsite user experience
  • Support mobility, 1:1, and 21st Century learning initiatives – without creating network slow-downs, time outs, or other issues
  • Allow remote access – for faculty and staff to securely access their information from offsite and become more efficient
  • Secure information – control file and information access based on the device and/or user credentials
  • Protect against internet attacks – like viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks
  • Protect against unauthorized user access – automatically identify unauthorized users, block them, and notify the appropriate personnel
  • Segment data traffic – separate data traffic to ensure key programs and/or users have the network resources they need to run effectively
  • Provide lifetime equipment warranties – certain manufacturers offer lifetime warranties that can save the school considerable money over time

DVI has installed dozens of wired and wireless networks for education and business organizations using solutions from several different manufacturers (Cisco, HP, Trapeze, D-Link, and others). Our recommendations and solutions are always based on your unique requirements and goals. More Information.

As more internet-based curriculum content and hosted applications are utilized in the classroom and for school operations, educational organizations are placing more bandwidth demands on their data network and internet resources than ever before. Organizations need to continually evaluate their data, voice, and internet services to ensure they have the proper services in place to meet demand and manage cost.

Has your organization reviewed your data, voice and internet services to:

  • Ensure your internet service is appropriate – new online content, remote access, and new computer programs can choke your internet service which can cause issues for your students and staff
  • Avoid paying too much – most educational organizations pay 36% more than they need to for phone lines and internet access
  • Provide service redundancy –internet and phone line redundancy ensure service availability and may be available at no additional cost
  • Confirm if your “free” service is actually costing you money – “free internet” services come with preset limitations that can cost yourorganization’s time and money in other areas
  • Access reimbursement programs – recent changes to E-Rate, government programs, and private grants can mean your organization is now eligible for phone line, internet, and hardware reimbursements of up to 90%

With an average savings of 36% across 60 schools, DVI is currently providing free carrier reviews to all educational organizations. With expertise on and access to over 50 local and national carriers, DVI can find the solution that is right for you. More Information.

Out of necessity, educational organizations’ IT infrastructures are becoming more complex in order to provide the availability, reliability, and security needed.

Would your organization like to:

  • Free up time for your staff and faculty – contract with an outside firm to support new and more complex technologies
  • Reduce response times – in many cases an outside vendor can provide quicker and a more complete response than your own staff and volunteers
  • Add expertise – while some expertise can be provide by school volunteers, some specialized expertise is best received from an outside vendor
  • Generate proper budgets ­– by having DVI work with your team to identify the appropriate solutions and accurate costs
  • Reduce Costs – consider non-proprietary technologies or a managed service contract that includes service, support, and equipment upgrades

DVI Consulting’s IT Service and Support can be purchased as a managed service, a block of hours, or on a “as needed” basis to help educational organizations keep their system running and students learning. More Information.

Educational organizations can gain additional efficiency, productivity, and cost savings by leveraging a phone or unified communications system as they embrace technology on their campus, in their classrooms, and as they reach out into their local communities. These systems can significantly increase your organization’s ability to communicate with your students, parents, staff, and community members in unique and customizable ways to promote a sense of community and enhance responsiveness.

Does your current phone solution:

  • Simplify your messaging – allow messages to be retrieved on any type of user device (phone, smart phone, pc, tablet) for playback
  • Share information and promote programs – designate the on hold message content and allow callers to access and listen to informational notices or promotional material on demand 24/7
  • Privatize access to key personnel – automatically direct callers to user cell phones or home phones without given out the telephone numbers
  • Allow mobility – allow system users to make, receive, and transfer calls from anywhere
  • Simplify committee or board member communications – allow temporary users to be connected and control when and how messages reach them during their term
  • Connect and control building access – control door and building access from any phone connected to the phone system
  • Save money by managing your own phone system – unplug and move your phone as needed; make other changes through a simple and easy to understand web page

IP-based phone and unified communications systems are the way of the future and will bring to your organization cost savings in management, maintenance, and phone call costs, plus enhancing your ability to communicate with your students, parents, staff, and community members. More Information.

Educational organizations are charged with educating and fostering our greatest assets for the future and must shoulder their responsibility to protect those assets from all threats. DVI can help guide educational organizations through a holistic approach to identify key vulnerabilities, develop and enforce procedures, and properly implemented and manage security technologies.

Is your organization taking all reasonable steps to address:

  • Building access – control who, how, and when individuals can gain entry into your building
  • Video surveillance – see, monitor, record, and access areas of the building whether onsite or remote
  • Web content protection – control what can be accessed by faculty, staff, students and guests when accessing your internet connection
  • Remote Access – use encryption technology to secure remote access connections as authorized staff access your resources from offsite via the internet
  • Confidential information security – control file and information access based on the device and/or user credentials
  • Internet attacks – protect against viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks
  • Unauthorized network access – automatically identify unauthorized access, block it, and notify the appropriate personnel
  • Emergency paging and announcement systems – which can be automated to share key information both inside and outside the building

DVI can help guide educational organizations through an affordable, holistic approach to identify key vulnerabilities, to develop and enforce procedures, and to properly implement and manage security technologies. More Information.

We Work to Understand You

Educational organizations are unique in their dedication to inspiring within students a desire to learn, use their minds, foster curiosity, and develop the skills necessary to pursue their dreams. As difficult as these goals are to achieve, they are being made even more difficult as today’s schools must navigate the added complexities of changing government standards, fast-evolving technologies, and limited funds. Selecting and implementing solutions that allow the delivery of educational goals, yet stay within a budget, remains one of the biggest challenges for even with the most dedicated and motivated staff.

DVI has worked with over 80 schools throughout the country and we use our experience as a guide to become the most trusted and effective partner possible. Here are just a few insights we remain conscious of when working with you:

  • Money does not grow on trees and schools have budgets. DVI is always aware of these two realities and strives to deliver more technology for less cost. Our solutions for the education market have already produced documented savings of over $1,000,000.
  • Your school has its own strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to identify both and provide support only where it is needed or requested.
  • Volunteers can be a great and cost-effective resource. DVI understands this and, if requested, will plan projects to leverage these resources accordingly. Not only will we share task responsibilities, but we will help coordinate volunteer resources and still guarantee project delivery.
  • Culture is not a small thing. While change is a fact of life, some changes, if not managed properly, can upset staff and parents alike. DVI is conscious of unintended consequences and plans accordingly. Participating in faculty and parental Q&A sessions is something we will do to help build understanding and support for your project.
  • Trust is everything. As experienced as your staff and volunteers may be, there are always times when outside help will be needed. Integrity is DVI’s top guiding principle and we work hard every day to maintain it.

DVI works with individual schools and districts, as well as, institutions with national, state, or regional footprints. In all cases, DVI is committed to delivering technology solutions and programs that are focused on lowering costs, improving infrastructure platforms, adding security, and providing a trusted source for information and advice on the fast-moving, ever-evolving, world of technology.

Our Commitment to Educational Organizations

  • Maintain a focus on high-quality outcomes for your students
  • Lower your one-time and recurring technology expenses
  • Provide you with trusted strategies, options, guidance and advice
  • Deliver solutions that will keep your school’s technology modern

Group Purchasing Programs

For private education affiliations, associations, or organizations responsible for assisting and/or supporting many individually owned and operated locations; DVI has successfully rolled out national, state, and regional programs to harness the purchasing power of many individual locations to generate additional price savings. More Information.

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