Technology’s Role in Religious Organizations

While the missions and activities of religious organizations can vary, DVI finds they can be generalized into following areas:

  • Outreach – share who you are (beliefs, values, mission, etc.) with others
  • Discipleship educate and equip your existing members and others
  • Community – engage and grow your reach by sharing upcoming events, news, requests, photos, both privately and publicly
  • Worship – facilitate and enhance the worship experience
  • Operation – support day-to-day operational activities

You need to understand how, when, and where to reach your members, community, and others with your message. Today this includes websites, video and audio streaming, email and text messages, and social media. The secular world outside has embraced various technologies to communicate and stay in touch; what are you doing to ensure your message reaches the intended audience?

You need to communicate via the mediums (voice, web, email, text, social media, etc.) your members, community, and others actually use.
Your message needs to be available on-demand via blog posts and video/audio re-broadcasts of your services to be heard whenever people have the time and opportunity.
You need to use the different mediums (voice, web, email, text, social media, etc.) to invite and encourage people to participate in your services, courses, bible studies, fundraisers, etc. Can you send invitations, create reminders, and provide opportunities for their participation and feedback in the medium where your members, community, and others are most comfortable?
People’s darkest hour and greatest need of guidance does not always happen during scheduled hours. You need their one call for help to reach you immediately (home, cell, office, email, and text) so you do not miss your opportunity to help.
You need to enable your committee members, volunteers, and staff to communicate easily and directly with members and others to simplify the advancement of your projects, missions, and activities. Implementing flexible phone systems and other communication tools allow you to foster their inclusion as key resources in your organization.

While you may have been able to rely on printed materials and phone trees in the past, today your members and community are using computers, smartphones, and tablets as their primary sources of communication and information. Do you have an effective plan for reaching them?

Technology should be an empowering set of tools to aid you in your ministry activities without becoming the priority and without distracting from the message itself.

What We Do for Religious Organizations

  • Technology Planning
  • Proper planning reduces costs, saves time, defines budget(s), improves communication, promotes outreach, addresses needs, sets proper expectations, and ensures that technology never overshadows your mission and message. DVI provides free technology planning with the implementation of any of our solutions. More Information.

  • Data Network Infrastructure (Wired and Wireless)
  • Whether you are looking to broadcast your services online or enhance the worship services onsite, your data network is the foundation. Our solutions deliver enterprise grade network infrastructure at a savings of up to 80% over competing products and start for as little as $249 (plus labor). More Information.

  • Data, Voice, and Internet Services
  • Phone lines and internet access are vital for both your communication and alarm service needs. Having helped over 100 religious organizations realize an average savings of 37%, DVI currently provides free carrier reviews to all religious organizations. More Information.

  • IT Services and Support
  • DVI’s expertise and experience with computers, servers, data networks, phones, and more can help your organization reduce costs, improve efficiency, add expertise, receive emergency assistance, and plan for the future. More Information.

  • Phone and Unified Communications Systems
  • Our phone solutions allow you to deliver a better caller experience, personalize call messaging, simplify board and committee communications, and ensure “in-need” callers can reach you via one number no matter where you are. DVI delivers a wide range of features and solutions starting at $600.00 (plus phones). More Information.

  • Security
  • Ensure your members, visitors, building, property, and equipment are properly protected. DVI delivers a wide range of security solutions that can be monitored onsite, remotely, or both. More Information.

We Work to Understand You

Religious organizations are unique in that they use gifts and donations, not profit and investment capital, to fulfill their mission. This single financial reality can easily become the most important influencer of the organization’s internal processes and decision making timelines – regardless of your position.

DVI has worked with over 100 religious organizations; so we understand your internal processes and circumstances better than most. Here are just a few insights we remain conscious of when working with you and your team:

  • Money must be managed responsibly and with great respect. Since funding is provided through gifts and donations, we respect the need to be accountable for using those funds wisely. We are always working to develop and deliver value-based solutions in ways that can be easily explained, understood, justified, and supported.
  • Decision by committee. Increased financial accountability means certain purchases may require approval from multiple boards and committees which may meet only once a month. We understand this and never pressure you for a quick decision. Instead, we provide whatever additional information is requested on a schedule dictated by you.
  • Longevity can be better than features. The average lifecycle of your installed equipment can sometimes be double those found at for-profit businesses. We work to deliver solutions that will support your organization and mission over the long term…not just the next 3-5 years.
  • Sometimes less is more. Your organization may not require every new feature introduced to the market. We work with you to determine which features and services are needed and not oversell you on extras that may never be used.
  • Some features are better than others. While not every new feature may be needed, certain features can be of real value to your organization. The ability to automatically receive important calls and voicemails on your cell phone without posting your cell phone number and the ability to privately handle faxes without the cost of maintaining a fax machine are just two of the many new features that may align well with your organization and help to reduce recurring costs.

DVI began as a company servicing religious organizations and we continue to work hard to support this market by delivering cost-effective, high-quality solutions.

Our Commitment to Religious Organizations

  • Assist in clarifying “needs” versus “wants” of the organization
  • Lower your recurring technology expenses
  • Offset one-time capital expenses by generating savings elsewhere
  • Provide trusted strategies, options, guidance and advice

Group Purchasing Programs

For affiliations, associations, or organizations responsible for assisting and/or supporting many individually owned and operated locations; DVI has successfully rolled out national, state, and regional programs to harness the purchasing power of many individual locations to generate additional price savings. More Information.

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