Our Service Goals

DVI understands each business is unique, yet all share a common desire to work with a partner that is committed to:

  • Being Responsive and Accessible to all requests
  • Demonstrating Expertise at every level and at every opportunity
  • Delivering ongoing value thru Innovation and Integration
  • Using a Consultative Approach whenever possible

These shared goals, backed by our guiding principles, help us fulfill our mission: Delivering technology solutions that create raving fans.

DVI Consulting’s Services


DVI’s technology planning services identify the strategic plans of the organization, explore and present different technology strategies, generate business case documentation, develop budgets, and participate in Q&A sessions to collect input and build project support.Learn More
DVI analyzes your existing equipment infrastructure and consults with you to identify current and future business requirements.  We are a single source for design, project management, implementation, training, and support services.Learn More
DVI evaluates your current provider’s voice/data/internet services and consults with you to identify your primary business drivers.  With expertise on and access to over 50 local and national carriers, we can design, order, manage, deliver and install a solution that is right for you.Learn More
DVI works to clarify both the strategic and daily goals and objectives of the organization.  We then identify technology strategies that align with and deliver on those goals and objectives and develop those strategies by defining scopes of work, budgets, timelines, and implementation plans.Learn More
DVI works to clarify the strategic and daily communication goals and objectives of the organization.  We identify solutions that align with and deliver on your organization’s goals, develop budgets, draft implementation plans, as well as, deploy and support the approved solution(s).Learn More
DVI specializes in the implementation of IP-based security solutions.  We assist to identify security vulnerabilities within your organization’s various technology platforms (voice and internet access, data networks, computers, servers, etc.), as well as your physical building.Learn More