Data, Voice and Internet Services

Phone lines and internet access are vital methods to communicate with customers and connect with the outside world.  Quality and reliability of these services are essential, but not the only elements that must be considered.  Cost is also important, but not always in the way you may think.  One-time installation and monthly recurring costs tend to get the most visibility and are easy to identify and compare.  But also consider these not so visible costs (vary by carrier):

  • Non-contracted surcharges can cost 10%-15% additional
  • Termination clauses can cost 50%-100% additional
  • Features and services you never use can cost 10%-30% additional
  • Phone system equipment modification costs can be $500-$1000 additional
  • Outages can cost your business greatly! Does the carrier offer redundancy services?

DVI evaluates your current provider’s voice/data/internet services and consults with you to identify your primary business drivers.  With expertise on and access to over 50 local and national carriers, we can design, order, manage, deliver and install a solution that is right for you.  Our carrier reviews find an average savings of 35% for our clients.

Our data, voice, and internet service solutions include but are not limited to:

Examples: delivery/support of video, web and audio services across all multimedia devices
Examples: hosting and collocation services, data storage, and multi-location connectivity
Examples: delivery of dedicated and dynamic bandwidth speeds via fiber, coax, copper, radio, and satellite
With rates starting as low as $.015 per minute
Examples: delivery of dedicated and dynamic analog, digital and SIP/VoIP-based services
Examples: billing and costs assessments, capacity and redundancy planning, performance monitoring, contract negotiations, project coordination, and support escalation


Service providers we work with and support include:

AT&T, Broadvox, Charter, Comcast, EarthLink, Level 3, Qwest, Simple Signal, TCO Network, TDS, Time Warner Cable, Verizon/MCI Business, Windstream/Paetec, XO, and more than 40 others.

Data, Voice, and Internet Services for Your Organization Type

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