Technology Planning

To utilize technology efficiently and effectively a technology plan should be developed and implemented. Plan too small and you will outgrow your technology systems; plan too large and you risk wasting organizational resources. Technology planning helps minimize technology-related crisis, uses staff time efficiently and avoids wasting money on equipment. Plans that properly align with the mission of the organization and deliver the underlying technologies that ensure key strategic milestones are met bring the most value to an organization.

DVI’s technology planning services identify the strategic plans of the organization, explore and present different technology strategies, generate business case documentation, develop budgets, and participate in Q&A sessions to collect input and build project support.  Our services can be extended to also include third-party vendor evaluations, implementation plan development, resource allocation, project management, and contract negotiation(s).

DVI’s technology planning extends to include the following areas:

  • Data, Voice, and Internet services (Carrier Services)
  • Network Design
  • Software and Application Platforms
  • Phone and Unified Communication Systems
  • Hardware – firewall, network, computers, servers, storage, and peripherals
  • Security – internet gateway, network, and physical building

Technology Planning for Your Organization Type

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Additional Information about Technology Planning for Your Organization Type

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